Yoga at Home


I first found yoga after learning I was pregnant (with twins). I re-found years later, while trying to figure out who I was, again. Basically, yoga gave me the mental and emotional container to process and embrace change and navigate the movement of life.

Fast forward:

As an Army Veteran, mother of three daughters, and a social media slacker, I teach us how to slow down, and advance through the practice by stretching the breath; stretching the mind, and being that gentle reminder that all the answers are truly within. Ultimately, students better connect to themselves and with their surroundings, while being with real-life stuff as it arises.

I offer public yoga & meditation classes as well as one-on-one and group private sessions, to help my clients achieve self-acceptance, mental and physical flexibility, and awareness tools for every day life. Reiki treatments are available, either in person or remote, to activate the flow of healing and harmonic energy through the body, with intention and relaxation.